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Wildeepz Replacement Laptop Display Cushions / Bumpers

  • Prevents screen from touching keyboard
  • Prevents unintentional display unlatching
  • Virtually invisible - easy to install
Replacement laptop display screen cushions / bumpers

Replacement Laptop Bumpers Specs:

Material: Expanded Urethane - Transparent, Frosted
Cushion Diameter: 6.30mm
Material Thickness:
Series 1 & 2: 0.95mm
Series 2: 1.90mm
Quantity per kit:
Series 1: 10pcs - 0.95mm Thick
Series 2: 10pcs - 0.95mm + 10pcs - 1.9mm Thick
Weight: 0.1 - 0.13g each
Made in USA

Range: $12.95 - 16.95

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Wildeepz Replacement Laptop Display Cushions / Bumpers

Transparent urethane display cushion upgrade for all Macintosh and PC notebook and tablet computers. Protection where it matters most.

Description: Wildeepz Display Cushion Upgrade provides a solid, stable, and insulated display to chassis interface for Mac and PC notebooks and tablets when latched. These transparent, expanded urethane cushions maintain uniform, display-to-top case clearance.

The nearly invisible and non-reflective spring-like pads effectively prevent the display bezel from contacting the case, and aid in maintaining clearance between the screen and lower chassis. Wildeepz cushions are easily applied to the display bezel - finish abrasion is completely eliminated, as well as display abrasion in all but the most severe use.

Wildeepz are backed with an advanced aerospace adhesive that stays put, yet allows them to be easily removed, without finish damage. Notebooks and Tablets fitted with Wildeepz exhibit a very rigid and solid feel. A downloadable screen image installation template is available for perfect cushion placement. Includes 10 - 20 cushions per set, more than enough to totally outfit 1-2 portable computers.
For TOTAL protection, combine with ScreenSavrz, RadTech's display protection, cleaning & refinishing solution.

Series 1: For 13in MacBook, 15in MacBook Pro, Titanium PowerBooks & most PC notebooks/tablets.
Series 2: For 17in MacBook Pro. 12, 15 and 17in Aluminum PowerBooks and all Dual-USB iBooks.


- Transparent urethane expands and compresses to fill display-to-case gaps
- Transparent cushions take on the color of the substrate that they're applied to
- Reduces stress on hinges, display, chassis and latching components and mechanisms
- No more "PowerBook" bezel decal transfer to top case (Titanium PB)
- Advanced adhesive stays put, yet removes easily without harming finish or leaving residue
- Cleans up lines on MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook - restores blueprint perfection
- Reduces or eliminates unintentional unlatching when handling or transporting since latch tension is optimized
- Eliminates the need for a sheet-style screen protector in all but the most extreme circumstances
- For extreme duty, use Notebook ScreenSavrz in conjunction with Wildeepz Display Cushions

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Cushion Placement Template Screen Image

Click the appropriate template image file to download. Once downloaded, open the image with (included with OS X). Once open, select "Full Screen" or "Slideshow" from Preview's "View" menu - press the escape key to return the image to window view.

13in MacBook

17in MBP / PB

15in MB Pro

15in Alum PB

12in Alum PB

12in iBook

14in iBook

15in Ti PB