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WaveJamr Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver

  • Makes practically any audio system wireless, while retaining wired-quality sound
  • High-Fidelity A2DP + aptX using Bluetooth version 4 technology (v5)
  • No buttons, complicated set-ups or pairing codes - requires no batteries or charging
WaveJamr v5: Connected to a Speaker Dock WaveJamr v5: Transmitting Wirelessly WaveJamr v5: 30-pin Dock Connector WaveJamr v5: Status Light & 3.5mm Stereo Line-Out WaveJamr v5: Using with 3.5mm Line-Out in a Car WaveJamr v5: Using with ProCable 30-pin Line-Out in a Car WaveJamr v5: Included in the Box WaveJamr v3: Connected to a Speaker Dock WaveJamr v3: 30-pin Dock Connector WaveJamr v3: Transmitting Wirelessly WaveJamr v3: Using with ProCable 30-pin Line-Out in a Car

Product Specifications:

Housing Material: Polyamide-imide polymer
Standard: v5: BT v4 Class 2
                 v1-4: BT v1.1 - 1.2 Class 2
Frequency: 2.4 - 2.4835GHz ISM FHSS
Radio: v5: CSR8645 / v1-4: CSR BlueCore™3
BT Version(s) Support: v1.1 and later
Range: 10+ meters (free-space)
Input Power: Supplied by dock - 1.8-5.5v 250mA
Profiles: v5: A2DP w/ aptX, HSP, HFP
              v1-4: A2DP, HSP, HFP
Audio: v5: 16-bit, 44.1kHz (CD quality)
           v1-4: 16-bit Stereo
Dimensions: v5:    42x36.5x9.5mm / 1.65x1.44x0.37in
                     v1-4: 40x32.7x8.1mm / 1.57x1.30x0.31in
Weight: 12g / 0.42oz
Color: v5: Slate Gray / v1-4: Sea Foam
Certifications: RoHS
Warranty: Lifetime - Limited
Designed in USA, Assy in China

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WaveJamr Bluetooth Music Receiver

Converts most speaker docks, dockable alarm clocks, or automobile integrations into a high-fidelity Bluetooth wireless system*
Works with 99% of speaker docks, home audio systems and vehicles right out of the box.
Available accessories allow for customized installations for a variety of applications.

Compatible Devices

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
Android Phones - All Bluetooth-Enabled
Phones, Tablets and Laptops

Description: WaveJamr makes practically any audio system or speaker dock wireless, while retaining true wired-quality sound reproduction - now there's absolutely no excuse not to go wireless. Simply connect WaveJamr to your audio system's docking or Aux-In port and enjoy your music, movie sound-track or audio books wirelessly from up to 50 feet.

Your phone or media player now stays in your hand - ready to check email or surf the web, while your music plays on uninterrupted. Phone calls are intelligently routed to to your handset while the music fades out. WaveJamr doesn't use batteries, or require charging, so it's incredibly small and light weight - easy to take anywhere.

Delivers superb audio quality when used with any device supporting the A2DP and/or aptX protocols - this includes desktop, laptop and tablet computers, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smart phones, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod and Bluetooth-enabled game systems.

WaveJamr modernizes, future-proofs and extends the life of speaker docks, automobile and home entertainment systems while making them compatible with any future dock port configuration or docking connector.

No Dock, No Problem: Don't have a multi-pin dock on your favorite speaker system or in your vehicle but still want to experience the freedom of wireless CD-quality audio? Simply connect the included stereo 3.5mm audio cable (or the optional 30-pin Line-Out cable available as and add-on above) and use WaveJamr with any 3.5mm or RCA auxiliary input.

WaveJamr is powered via a standard multi-pin connector - either from a dock or common 30-pin charge cable.
If using the optional 30-pin Line-Out cable, you must connect the Line-Out's male USB to a powered USB port. Although any USB power supply will work, RadTech's ACpower or AutoPower will provide clean, noise-free current to fully maximize your listening experience.


  • Wirelessly transmit audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device to most docking and discreet audio systems
  • High-Fidelity A2DP with aptX technology combined with advanced audio codec's deliver true wired-quality sound
  • Use the included 3.5mm signal-out cable to enable digital and incompatible 30-pin systems
  • Combine with our Line-Out cable and an AC or DC charger for use with any Aux / Audio-in port
  • Improved Speaker Dock performance - doesn't obscure dock's speakers & reduces power consumption
  • Radiolucent Polyamide polymer (PIP) housing is incredibly rugged and extends wireless range
  • Very light-weight (12g) - won't add to your load or weigh down your pockets
  • Minimum range of 10 meters (33 feet) through multiple walls and objects - open air range 50-55 feet
  • Elegant flat gray soft-touch finish and low-intensity status LED visually fades into any environment
  • Remembers last paired device if un-docked, and automatically reconnects if you move out of range and later return
  • No complicated buttons or set-up required, just plug in and it works
  • Does not require or contain batteries, or require charging

Video Demonstrations

Connection Guide

Verified Compatibility

Solution A
Systems with verified 30-pin compatibility

Acoustic Authority iRhythms (All Models)

Altec Lansing inMotion Classic
Altec Lansing inMotion IM-310
Altec Lansing inMotion IM-600
Altec Lansing T612

Apple iPod Hi-Fi
Apple Universal Dock (must be powered)

Belkin TuneCast

Bose SoundDock I
Bose SoundDock II
Bose SoundDock 10
Bose SoundDock Portable

Boston Acoustics Duo-i Plus
Boston Acoustics Portable

Brookstone Boombox w/FM Radio
Brookstone iDesign Cube Clock Radio
Brookstone iDesign Flip Speaker Dock
Brookstone iDesign Power Speaker
Brookstone iDesign Tower Stereo

Capello Ci200
Capello Ci300

Dr Dre BeatBox
Dr Dre BeatBox Portable

Edifier Breathe
Edifier Luna5 Encore

Geneva Sound System Model S

harmon/kardon Go + Play
harmon/kardon Go + Play II
harmon/kardon Go + Play Micro

iHome ID38SV
iHome iD9
iHome iD55
iHome ID91BZ
iHome iH150
iHome iH5B
iHome iP21
iHome iP23
iHome IP4PZC

iLive IBPD882B

Insignia NS-B3112
Insignia NS-BHDIP01
Insignia NS-BIPCD01
Insignia NS-BIPCD02
Insignia NS-CLIP01
Insignia NS-CLIP02

JBL On-Stage Micro II
JBL On-Stage 4
JBL On-Time

Jensen JiSS-330
Jensen JiSS-550

Kicker Amphitheater

Logitech PureFi Anywhere 2
Logitech S135i Portable Speaker
Logitech S715i

Memorex M14604P (All)

Onkyo DS-A3

Philips AD300/37
Philips AJ5300D
Philips DC290B/37
Philips DC291/37

Skullcandy PIPE (All)

Sony RDPXF 300IP

Venturer CR8030iE5
Solution B or C
Systems requiring a line-out connection


Brookstone Portable Speaker Dock

B&W Zeppelin (all versions)

Dice Media Bridge w/Aux-In (Auto)

iHome iA63
iHome ID37



Mercedes-Benz Factory iPod Kit w/Aux-In (Auto)

Onkyo CR-545

Panasonic SC-BTT755 EGK
Panasonic SC-SP100

Philips DCM580
Philips DCM5090
Philips DS7550/17
Philips Fidelio

PIE Auto Integration Kit w/Aux-In (Auto)

Pioneer Crew (STZ-D10Z-R)
Pioneer DEH-P490IB
Pioneer Duo (STZ-D10T-G)
Pioneer Solo (STZ-D10S-L)

Pure Contour 100i

RCA RS2127iH

Sharp CDDH950P

Skullcandy VANDAL

Sony CMT-LX20i
Sony DAV-DZ870W
Sony ICF-C1iPMK2
Sony ICF-CS15iP
Sony MHC-SC791
Sony RDP-M5iP
Sony RDP-XF100iP
Sony XDR-S10HPi

VW Golf Factory iPod Kit w/Aux-In (Auto)

XtremeMac Tango Studio

Yamaha CRX-332
Not Compatible
Digital-only systems with no Aux-In

Gear4 Alarmdock reveal Dock

Panasonic SC-HC271

Sony ICF-C05iP

Stem Time Command Mini

Yamaha CRX-330
Yamaha PDX30
Yamaha Pianocraft 330
Yamaha TSX130
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Product Comparison RadTech
Docks & Works with all 12v FireWire Docks w/o any Extra Components X - - X -
Docks & Works with 90% of 5v USB Docks w/o any Extra Components X - - - X
Works with Practically Every System Ever Made with Optional Accessories X X X - X
Docks & Works with Bose Portable and other Battery-Powered Speaker Docks w/o any Extra Components X - - X X
Built-In Female 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack X X X - X
Hi-Fi A2DP 1.2 w/aptX CODEC X - - - X
Bluetooth Version 4 + aptX Technology Deliverers True
Wired-Quality Sound
X - - - X
Next Gen CSR8645 Stereo ROM
CD Quality Audio Reproduction
X - - - X
No Batteries or Charging Required X - - X -
No Wall Plug or External Power Needed for Most Applications* X - - X X
Works in any Vehicle with an Aux-In Audio Port - Land, Sea or Air* X - - - X
Works with any Home Audio or Powered Speaker System* X X X X X
Automatically Routes Phone Calls Back to the Handset for Privacy X X X - -
No Complicated Buttons or Controls X - - - -
Automatically Reconnects if You Move Out of Range and Then Return X - - - X
Pass Multiple Drop & Crush Tests X - - - X
Tested Wireless Range - Open Air 58 Feet 15 Feet 18 Feet 34 Feet 29 Feet
Size and Weight 42x36.5.3x9.5mm
12 grams
36 grams
204 grams
14 grams
19 grams
List Price $39.95 $49.99 $49.99 $39.99 $49.99
Warranty / Tech Support Lifetime 1 year 4 months 1 year 3 years

* some applications may require the use of optional cables and/or chargers

Support Information

Product Instructions

RadTech WaveJamr Bluetooth Music Receiver

Important Notes

a) If your mobile device displays an "Accessory Connected" message when attached to the dock that you wish to use with WaveJamr, simply
     connect the included cable between WaveJamr and the accessory's Audio or Aux In port.
b) If WaveJamr doesn't power up when docked, use our Line-Out Cable and a quality USB power supply, such as our ACpower
c) If you audio system requires RCA connectors for Audio or Aux input, we have an 3.5mm to RCA Cable
d) Choose Headphone profile (stereo), rather than Headset (mono), if given the option, for best sonic performance.

Please reference WaveJamr Instructions for operation and usage specifics. Please contact us to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
WaveJamr v5 - Gray 16-226 16226 875331002265
WaveJamr v4 - Sea Foam 16-067 16067 639713915884