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Accessories For RadTech Products

  • RadPack mini Bluetooth mouse case
  • Armband for compatible Gelz and Acclaro cases
  • STM Shoulder Strap for MacTruck & more



Shoulder Strap
RadPack Carrying Case for BT500 Mice

  • Semi-Rigid EVA Carry Case for RadTech Mobile Mice and More
  • Molded in Battery Recesses in Bottom Panel
  • Soft Inner Lining Provides Protection From Scratches
  • Dual Metal Fobbed Zippers with Weaved in Soft Pulls
Materials & Dimensions:
  • Materials: Semi-Rigid EVA
  • Dimensions: 10.5x7.3x5cm - 4.2x2.9x2in
  • Weight: 28g - 1oz
  • Capacity: 300cc
  • Designed for: BT500, BT300 & BT100

Price: $10.00


RadPak was designed to provide a secure way to carry and stow RadTech's compact mice and a spare set of batteries, but it's become so much more for lots of people.

The RadPak allows you to safely stow a number of smaller items like cables, batteries, memory cards, iPods and more in the palm of your hand or within your larger bag. Dual metal zippers allow the case's top to be hinged back a full 180 degrees for easy access to whatever you're toting. And its soft-lined interior protects your precious cargo from scratches and abrasions.
Armband for Gelz and Acclaro

  • Lightweight and Comfortable - Fits Arms from 2 to 4.5 Inch Diameter
  • Multiple Units Can be Interconnected for Larger Sized Arms
  • Tough Velcro Closure with ABS Turnbuckle
  • Very Versatile with Multiple Uses
Materials & Dimensions:
  • Materials: Nylon & Spandex
  • Dimensions: 410x36x0.5mm - 16x1.4x0.02in
  • Weight: 14g - 0.5oz

Price: $4.95


Lightweight and adjustable armband for RadTech Gelz and Acclaro iPod cases. NOTE: Will not fit the RadTech 3rd Gen iPod nano Gelz case.

The RadTech armband is also suited to many other applications requiring an adjustable band for securing a multitude of devices to an arm or leg. Fits limbs from 2 to 4.5 inches in diameter - multiple units can be interconnected to fit any diameter needed.

Universal Shoulder Strap

  • Premium-Grade Universal Shoulder Strap
  • Adjustable, Lightweight and Comfortable
  • High Density Positionable Shoulder Pad
  • Ultra-Rugged UTX-Flex Clips and Buckles
  • Highly Versatile with Multiple Uses
Materials & Dimensions:
  • Materials: Ballistic Nylon
  • Dimensions: 129.5-149.8x5cm - 51-59x2in
  • Weight: 128g - 4.5oz

Price: $14.95


Premium-grade STM universal adjustable shoulder strap provides a direct replacement for failed or lower quality straps. Features wide adjustability, a high-density, positionable shoulder pad and ultra-rugged UTX-Flex composite clips, hardware and buckles.

The STM universal shoulder Strap is also well suited for many other applications requiring a rugged adjustable shoulder strap - hard and briefcases, bags, tools, implements, etc.