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StopKnot Earbud Tangle Preventer

  • Simple, light and convenient way to prevent your headphone cable from tangling
  • Works with Apple Earbuds, EarPods and most other brands on the market
  • Stays on earbud cable so it's always there when you need it - Doubles as a cord control solution
StopKnot: Attached to Apple iPhone Earbuds StopKnot: Detached from Apple iPhone Earbuds StopKnot: Attached to Westone Earbuds StopKnot: Attached to Westone Earbuds StopKnot: Four included per pack

Product Specifications:

Material: Non-toxic Silicone Polymer
Size: 1.8x1.8x0.5cm - 0.7x0.7x0.19in
Weight: 0.7g / 0.02oz
Included: 4 StopKnot rings
Developed in USA, Assy in China

Price: $9.99 (4 Pack)

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Earbud Tangling

StopKnot Earbud Tangle Prevention

Simple & light solution for preventing earbud cables from tangling

Product Description: We've all been there: You're done listening to your music so you quickly wrap up your earbuds and slide them in your pocket. Hours later, you remove your earbuds and become frustrated at the ball of knots you now must unweave. Is there an end to the madness?

Enter StopKnot, an ingenious flexible band that slides onto your headphone cable allowing you to quickly secure both of the ear pieces and the audio jack together when you're not using them. This effectively eliminates knots and tangles from occurring. Simply deploy the StopKnot and stow your earbuds into pocket or purse without worry. When you're ready to listen next, slide the ring and you're ready in an instant, with no need to untangle.

StopKnot stays on your headset cable, so it's there when you need it, and slides out of the way when you don't. The StopKnot ring also functions as a handy cord control solution - slide to your desired position to prevent your earphone cables from whipping about while running or exercising.


  • Works with most earbuds, including iPhone® , Samsung® , Bose® , Skull Candy®, and most Android® smartphone earbuds
  • No need for bulky cord carriers, canisters or spools to manage your earphones
  • Keeps your earbuds in place while active, running or exercising
  • Light, convenient, easy to use and very functional
  • Made from an indestructible and non-toxic silicone polymer
  • 4 StopKnots included per pack, enough for the entire family
How To Use StopKnot

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