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ProCable Shortz 30-pin Dock Extender

  • Compact 30-pin male to 30-pin female straight-through extender - all pins connected for full electrical compatibility
  • Slim 30-pin male connector end fits through cases with small or restricted port dock port openings
  • Allows 30-pin devices to be docked with most dockable accessories without removing protective cases
Allows any size 30-pin cable to be used with any case Dock with most any accessory without removing your case Small and portable design Works with the Apple iPad VGA Cable

Product Specifications:

Material: ABS Housing
Dimensions (installed): 2.0x2.8cm / 1.1 x 0.8in
Weight: 4g / 0.1oz
Connector:30-pin male to 30-pin female
Any 30-pin device: Apple iPad, iPhone (All) & iPod
Designed in USA, Assy in China

Price: $14.95

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ProCable® Shortz Compact Modular 30-pin Extender

Extends the popular 30-pin port found on iPad, iPhone and iPod for use with protective cases

iPad using a Shortz Extender to connect to AV Cable Description: Slim, compact and short 30-pin male to female dock connector extender allows the use of any cable, and most docks, with any protective case. The Shortz 30-pin extender fits all cases, including those with small or restricted dock port openings - including the Apple Bumper, OtterBox Defender, Element Vapor, LifeProof, Speck CandyShell, Groove Bamboo and SGP Neo Hybrid cases. Easily connect all of your 30-pin cables and peripherals without having to remove your protective case.

This compact extender also allows docking with most dockable accessories, such as speaker systems, alarm clocks, etc, without removing your protective case. Save time and add convenience by easily adapting all of your accessories to work with your favorite protective case. Also works with the Apple iPad VGA cable.


- Straight-through 30-pin male to female adapter, all pins connected
- Compact and lightweight design - weighs a scant 4 grams
- Provides a compact 20mm / 0.8 inch extension - fits all protective cases
- Slim 30-pin male connector fits cases with small or restricted port openings
- Connect any cable or peripheral without removing your protective case
- Dock with most any 30-pin dockable accessory without removing your case
- Works with 30-pin cables and accessories, including Apple VGA Adapter and Digital AV Adapter

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