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Portectorz Port Protection for iPhone, iPad & More

  • Safely protects and seals sensitive laptop data, audio and other electrical ports
  • Snug and secure fit seals out liquids, moisture and debris
  • Select models can be cut to protect individual ports as needed

Lightning + Headphone Combo

Universal (3 Pack) $9.95 for iPhone 6/6 Plus, 5/5s/5c, iPad 4/Air/mini, iPod touch 5th Gen & iPad nano 7th Gen

30-pin + Headphone Combo

Universal (4 Pack) $9.95
iPhone 4/4S, iPad 1, iPod nano $7.95
iPhone 3G/3GS (Black) $7.95
iPhone 3G/3GS (White) $7.95

Airport Express

Airport Express $5.95

30-pin Port

iPhone 4/4S, iPad 1, iPod nano $5.95
iPad 2/3, iPod touch 3-4th Gen $5.95
iPhone 3G/3GS (Black) $5.95
iPhone 3G/3GS (White) $5.95

3.5mm Headphone Port

iPhone 4/4S, iPad 1 $4.95
iPad 2/3, iPod touch 3-4th Gen $4.95
iPhone 3G/3GS (Black) $4.95
iPhone 3G/3GS (White) $4.95

Previous Generation Computers

15" PowerBook, Aluminum $14.95
13" MacBook, White Plastic $19.95
13" MacBook, Black Plastic $14.95
12 & 14" iBook $9.95
12" PowerBook, Aluminum DVI $14.95
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Portectorz Port Protection for iPhone, iPad and More

Data and audio port protection for Apple notebooks, iPod, iPhone, iPad and AirPort Express.
Ensures that sensitive ports remain clean, dry and sealed.

Description: Portectorz provide positive protection for your gear's sensitive data, video and audio ports.
Ports stay clean, dry and positively protected from foreign object and debris entry when fitted with custom-molded Portectorz. Constructed from high-polymer Silicone and organic polyurethane to eliminate tackiness. Precision molded for a smooth and elegant appearance that beautifully complements your device's style.

Portectorz are molded to exacting specifications to ensure a perfectly sealed and secure fit - sensible insurance for potentially costly component damage. Low-profile design ensures compatibility with most bags, sleeves, cases and packs. Use the entire Portectorz panel, or easily custom cut the strip to create protection for any of the ports or combinations you desire - like those that you use infrequently.

Models for Apple's Intel-based notebooks feature a MagSafe sealing insert to assure positive sealing and protection of the MagSafe's magnetically-secured power port connector. RadTech Portectorz provide the protection that your computer needs to remain reliable, and the flexibility that you need to stay productive.

17in MacBook Pro model is a modified 15in unit - the audio-out port is not covered.
12in. PowerBook Portectorz are custom fit for the miniDVI models (revB and later).
RevA 12in PB (shipped 1st 8 mos) use miniVGA video - Portectorz fit this unit, with a slight bulge at the video port.
Using Portectorz with RadTech's Sleevz for notebooks requires more care when donning & removing the sleeve.
RadTech Sleevz offer great port protection on their own, however.


- Premium grade high-polymer Silicone and organic polyurethane is smooth and tack-free
- Keeps delicate ports clean, dry and positively protected from damage
- Low-profile design blends perfectly with your device's style
- MagSafe sealing insert assures positive protection for magnetically-secured power ports
- Can be custom cut to protect only the ports you need protected
- Precision molded for a perfect fit