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ScreenSavrz Laptop Keyboard Cover

  • Made from Optex® - Professional Grade LCD Care for Over a Decade
  • Fully Protects, Cleans & Removes Marks and Damage From Display Screens
  • Best Notebook LCD Care & Cleaning Solution - Period
RadTech ScreenSavrz for Computer LCD Display Screen Protection, Cleaning and Refinishing
LCD Display Screen Protection and Cleaning

1. Select Notebook / Size:   How to Identify My Mac

Enter Dimensions
Determining the correct ScreenSavrz size for your computer:
      Measure the width and height of the visible portion of your display
      Add 1/4 inch (6.5mm) to the width and height dimensions
      Enter these dimensions into the Size fields at left
Notes: Width & Height limit is 18x13in (45x33cm) - Custom sizes have 90° square corners
             Custom sizes are non-refundable

2. Select Color:

Gray Fuschia Indigo Green Grape Black Shagwire

3. Review & Add to Cart:

Add matching Sleevz Case - $24.95
Notebook ScreenSavrz Specs:
Material: Optex 0.05 denier Ultra-Microfiber
Thickness: 0.6mm / 0.5mm (MB & MBA)
Colors: Gray, Fuchsia, Indigo,
Green, Grape, Black & Shagwire
Weight: 5 - 12g
Made in USA
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ScreenSavrz Laptop Keyboard Cover

LCD Display protection, cleaning and refinishing system for all notebook computers, including Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook.

Description:ScreenSavrz protect delicate MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and PC laptop display screens from abrasion caused by the close tolerances between the screen and case when closed. ScreenSavrz shield display screens from oils, dirt, shock and keyboard marking and abrasion. Expertly clean and polish LCD displays without sprays or wet wipes - dampen ScreenSavrz with water and easily remove existing keymarks and scuffs.

Made from RadTech's exclusive, super-soft Optex fabric, a non-woven, ultra-thin advanced polishing fabric developed specifically for LCD panel care and cleaning. ScreenSavrz allow you to safely clean the screen or any surface of your notebook. Thin, soft and supple, ScreenSavrz stow as easily as a dollar bill and can be washed 1000s of times. Models for all notebooks, including Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, PowerBook, iBook and PC notebooks.

Engineered for total display protection: In addition to keeping displays clean and scratch free, ScreenSavrz are designed to damp harmonic shock and vibration. This prevents or reduces the likelihood of cover glass and/or LCD panel breakage in the event of a drop or sharp impact. In order to achieve this level of protection, the cross-sectional thickness of each model of ScreenSavrz is carefully matched to the notebook model that it's intended to fit. Therefore, it's not advisable to use a ScreenSavrz that was designed for one model of notebook, with another model as glass breakage protection could be significantly reduced.

"ScreenSavrz is a small piece of fabric that keeps dirt and oil from the keyboard/trackpad from messing up your screen... If you are thinking about getting the Sleevz, then this is a must-have accessory to go along with it." -Cory Bohon

Show off your style by choosing the ScreenSavrz color or pattern that fits you best.
Custom emblazoning available in any quantity - visit for full details.

ScreenSavrz - the best thing next to your MacBook, PowerBook, iBook or Laptop PC screen.


- Shields and protects notebook LCDs from oils, dirt, shock, scratching and abrasion
- No oily residue or shedding as with leather or commercial microfiber protectors
- Expressly designed to protect, clean and polish LCD displays - never buy another wet wipe
- Easily removes prior LCD screen damage, abrasions and key marks
- Ultra-tough and lightweight cloth lasts for years - won't ever wrinkle, fray, run or tear
- Optex construction provides the most safe, effective and economical screen cleaning solution available
- Polish and clean your entire notebook, your peripherals, accessories, iPod, eyeglasses, CDs, DVDs and more
- Sizes for all brands and models of notebooks. If you don't see it, contact us
- Combine with Wildeepz Display Cushions for maximum protection on MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook
- Machine-specific, tailored sizes for all notebook models
- Universal Series fits any notebook with a keyboard
- Make a splash with stunning colors and patterns, or get your own custom logo - Click here for details

How to Clean ScreenSavrz

Awards & Reviews:

ScreenSavrz Awards

Science & Sizing:

Notebook ScreenSavrz pattern size and thickness are thoroughly and meticulously researched. RadTech performs extensive mechanical testing for screen, case and keyboard contact. Optimum LCD support in the event of a shock or drop, proper cooling, sleep function and display face pressure as well as ergonomic and performance testing using an experienced 200 member focus group. Closed notebooks are load tested to 90 kg. to simulate a person sitting on the machine. RadTech certifies that notebook computer LCDs are protected to the highest degree possible when used with our full-size ScreenSavrz for Notebooks.

Universal Series:
All Laptops 27.4 x 11.5cm / 4.50 x 10.75in

Full-Size Series:
Apple Laptop ModelPC Laptop Display SizeDimensions
11in MacBook Air11-12.5in Wide Screen28.9 x 17.7cm / 11.38 x 6.97in
13.3in MacBook Air (1st Gen MBA only)----------------------------31.0 x 20.8cm / 12.20 x 8.20in
12in PowerBook / iBook12-13.8in Standard Screen25.8 x 19.7cm / 10.13 x 7.75in
13.3in MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air12-13.8in Wide Screen31.0 x 20.8cm / 12.20 x 8.20in
14in iBook - PowerBook G314-17in Standard Screen29.1 x 22.9cm / 11.40 x 9.00in
15in MacBook Pro (unibody)16-17.5in Wide Screen35.6 x 22.8cm / 14.00 x 9.00in
15in MacBook Pro/PowerBook14-15.5in Wide Screen31.8 x 21.0cm / 12.50 x 8.30in
17in MacBook Pro / PowerBook (All)17-18.5in Wide Screen37.0 x 23.5cm / 14.60 x 9.25in

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Product Data Sheet

RadTech ScreenSavrz - LCD Display Screen Protection, Cleaning and Refinishing Product Data Sheet