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Hard Drives by Seagate

  • Unmatched performance & reliability
  • Industry's longest warranty - 3 full years
  • Capacities to suit any storage need
Seagate Hard Disk Drives

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Seagate HDD Specs:

Available Types: ATA-6 & SATA-2
Available Sizes: 2.5 & 3.5in
Available Spindle Speeds: 5400 & 7200 RPM
Dimensions & Weight:
2.5in: 100x70x9.5mm | 102g
3.5in: 147x102x26mm | 580-720g
Seagate Model & Firmware Version:
2.5in: Momentus 5400.2/.3/.4/.6 - 7200.1/.2
3.5in: Barracuda 7200.10/.11
Write Cache:
2.5in: 8MB
3.5in: 8-16MB
Full Specs: See Support Section Below
Warranty: 3 Years
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Seagate Hard Drive

Industry-leading performance, durability and warranty for your critical data storage needs

Description: Ledgendary Seagate hard disk drives have been the cornerstone of performance and reliability for years, and are the standard against which all others are judged. And the best just got better with the industry's longest new unit warranty - 3 full years, further demonstrating the Seagate commitment to quality. NOTE: Since most ATA (EIDE) drives have now been discontinued, some models are genuine Seagate refurbished units, these carry a one year warranty and are clearly identified with a (R) in the model chooser.

Available in 2.5 and 3.5 inch form factors, in both ATA and SATA configurations, RadTech now offers a full complement of high-performance Seagate hard drives for any mission-critical storage requirement. Seagate drives deliver near silent operation, and the industry's lowest power consumption - helping to extend battery life in portable computers and reduce the burden on power supplies in stationary computers and external enclosures. Bare drives ship unformatted, with zeros written to all blocks.


- Seagate maintains the highest overall performance index among all HDD's
- Ultra-Rugged: 2.5in - 350 G's operating and 900 G's non-operating shock
- Ultra-Rugged: 3.5in - 350 G's non-operating shock
- State-of-the-art cache and on-the-fly error-correction algorithms
- Full-track multi-sector transfer capability w/o local processor intervention
- Support for S.M.A.R.T. drive monitoring and reporting
- Industry's longest warranty - 3 full years
- Low power consumption for increased battery and power supply life
- Whisper quiet mechanisms and spindle bearings
- Native Command Queueing & command ordering increase performance for demanding applications
- Tunneling Giant Magnetoresistive (TGMR) heads and EPRML technology provide increased areal density
- Bare drives ship unformatted, with zeros (0) written to all blocks

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RadTech Support: email:  phone: +1 314-209-9993 X106

Support Information

Product Data & Specifications

2.5 ATA
5400 RPM

2.5 ATA
7200 RPM

2.5 SATA
5400 RPM

2.5 SATA
5400 RPM

2.5 SATA
5400 RPM

7200 RPM


Seagate Part Numbers:

2.5 inch:
2.5 160/8/5400.3/ATA - ST9160821A
2.5 100/8/5400.2/SATA - ST9100824AS
2.5 120/8/5400.2/SATA - ST9120821AS
2.5 160/8/5400.3/SATA - ST9160821AS
2.5 250/8/5400.4/SATA - ST9250827AS
2.5 500/8/5400.6/SATA - ST9500325AS

2.5 100/8/7200.1/SATA - ST910021AS
2.5 200/16/7200.2/SATA - ST9200420AS
2.5 500/16/7200.4/SATA - ST9500420AS

3.5 inch:
3.5 250/8/7200.10/ATA - ST3250820A
3.5 750/16/7200.10/ATA - ST3750640A
3.5 750/16/7200.10/SATA - ST3750640AS
3.5 1TB/32/7200.11/SATA - ST31000333AS