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Cableyoyo Cable Management Clip by bluelounge design

  • Ultra-thin cable management clip - compact stackable design
  • Manages up to 6 feet of wire, cable, string, yarn, etc
  • Includes adhesive mounting post for attaching the cable clip to any object

cableyoyo Specs:

Material: LD Polyethylene
Size: 79x79x9mm
Mounting Post Height: 10mm
Weight: 24g - w/post 26g
Cable Capacity: 1.8-2.4M of 3.5mm Dia Cable
Cable Type: Data / Low Voltage - up to 5mm Dia
Mounting Post Adhesive: Permanent - Medium Tack
Colors: White
Designed in USA, Assy in China


Cableyoyo™ Portable and Mountable Cable Managers

Ultra-thin and compact cable management clip with optional mounting adhesive Cable yoyo Stackable Cable Management

Description: Advances in digital technology and the interactivity of wired equipment have changed our world in unimaginable ways. But they've also created a persistent and growing nuisance of cable chaos - that mounting pile of tangled wire beneath or near your computer. Cableyoyo brings order to your world by cleaning up and organizing your workspace, desktop, and travel bag. The Cableyoyo neatly stores your cables, requiring much less space and affording much greater organization. Makes traveling with cables a hassle-free delight.

Though the proliferation of wireless devices has reduced visible cable clutter, most of them come equipped with a battery charger - and another 6 feet of cable. Cableyoyo's slim design ensures easy, organized and inconspicuous cable transit in bags and packs, purses, pockets, etc. Cableyoyo provides elegant storage and access when attached to walls, computer monitors, under desks - anywhere.

Each Cableyoyo cable tie includes an adhesive-backed mounting post which easily attaches to walls or desks. Or attach to the side of devices such as cell phones, battery chargers, computer monitors, test equipment, etc. Clipped to the attachment post, Cableyoyo neatly stores and manages cables, unclipping easily at any time if the winder (yoyo) needs to be moved or transported.

Lightweight, slim, and easy to use, Cableyoyo is an ideal accessory for travel requiring a notebook computer, mouse, digital camera, cell phone, etc., easily accommodating the various lengths of cable needed for their operation.


- Ultra-thin cable clip design allows for stacking and stowing
- Manage up to 2.4 meters of light gauge cable, wire or cord
- Stack multiple Cableyoyo's - great solution for keeping cables organized in your gear bag or drawer
- Free yourself from the wired mess - Cableyoyo easily manages anything that tangles

Model/Color RadTech SKU Manufacturer SKU UPC
Cableyoyo - White 13151 CY-01-WH 689076574723