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AutoPower In-Vehicle Dual USB Charger

  • 2 port circuit-breaker protected power supply for fast charging mobile devices
  • 12-24 volt input flexibility + regulated and filtered output for current sensitive applications
  • Ideal in-vehicle power and charging solution for iPad, iPhone & iPod
AutoPower: Dual USB port charger for vehicles AutoPower: Plugged into car's auxiliary port AutoPower: Connect your device's USB cable AutoPower: Dual USB port charger for vehicles

Product Specifications:

Input: 12-24v Cigarette Lighter / Vehicle Power Port
Output: 5v 4000mA - charges USB chargeable devices
Protection: Electronic Circuit Breaker, 5 sec Reset
Dimensions: 5.0x5.5x1.7cm / 1.9x2.1x0.6in
Color: Slate Gray
Weight: 33g / 1.1oz
Warranty: Lifetime
Designed in USA, Assy in China


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AutoPower In-Vehicle Dual USB Power Supply for iPad, iPhone and iPod

The perfect solution for safely charging up to 2 devices simultaneously.

Description: Extremely lightweight and durable, AutoPower incorporates an advanced electronic circuit breaker on both the input and outputs, protecting both the vehicle and any connected devices in the event of an electrical surge or malfunction. The fuse-less design will never strand you with a blown, difficult to find fuse - simply unplug AutoPower for 5 seconds to reset the protective circuit breaker and you're back to work. AutoPower's regulated and filtered output provides clean, noise-free power for audio and other clean-current demanding applications.

Fits both auxiliary vehicle power outlets and cigarette lighter receptacles in automobiles, air and watercraft.

Notes on charging:
USB is not for 1st - 3rd Generation iPod.
The ability to charge two devices simultaneously is dependent on the battery size and current draw of each device.
Simultaneously charge two devices with large (>1800mAh +), or deeply discharged cells requires AutoPower to pulse charge for safety.
For fastest device charging, it's recommend that large tablet and Netbook computers be charged solo to at least 80% before connecting a second device. Two smaller devices such as iPods, cell phones, GPS units, DigiCams, etc, can be continuously charged simultaneously.


- Fast charge multiple devices at the same time
- 12 to 24 volt input, works in all vehicles, aircraft and watercraft
- Ultra-compact and lightweight design provide for easy mobility
- Circuit-breaker equipped, fuse-less design won't strand you with a blown fuse
- Ideal for charging and powering iPad, iPhone, iPod, cameras, GPS units, game systems and more

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